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Warm welcome to the official website of 2016 International Conference on Environment, Energy and Materials (EEM2016). The Conference will be held in Zhangjiajie, China, from 23rd to 25th in December, 2016. The main purpose of EEM2016 is to provide an international platform for researchers, engineers and academicians, as well as industrial professors to show their research achievements. It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange their new ideas and application experience, to establish business or academic relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. We sincerely hope that the conference will help advance knowledge in relevant scientific and academic fields.

Zhangjiajie, originally called Dayong City, is a prefecture-level city the jurisdiction of Hunan Province. It has jurisdiction over the two municipal districts (Yongding District and Wulingyuan District), and two counties (Cili and Sangzhi). Located in the northwest of Hunan Province, along the middle-upper reaches of Lishui River which belongs to the hinderland of the mountainous area of Wuling. Zhangjiajie City, built as a tourist city, is one of the most important tourist cities in China. It is also the birthplace of Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing and Guizhou revolutionary base.



Due to the schedule of the press has been fully arranged in 2016, DEStech Publications, Inc. can not publish our conference proceedings in time. So we inform you that the organization committee, which decides that 2016 International Conference on Environment, Energy and Materials has been cancelled. If there is any inconvenience for you, please accept our apologies.

As for the authors who have registered, we will make phone calls to inform and refund as sooner as we can.

Looking forward to cooperation with you next time!



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 All accepted papers will be published in one conference proceedings by DEStech Publications, Inc., and submitted for CPCI and EI indexing.

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  • Submission Guidelines
    1. Paper Submission Deadline: November 20th, 2016.
    2. All papers should be written in English and submitted via Email: eem2016_cfp@126.com / eem2016_cfp@163.vom
    3. Note: Please provide reliable contact information in the emai text, including address, telephone, email etc.
    4. All submissions must be at least 4 pages in length. If your paper exceeds 6 pages in length, you need to pay for the additional pages
    5. Authors can refer to the following guidelines to prepare their papers - EEM2016 - Template.docx

    In Chinese(中国作者投稿指南)
    1. 投稿截止时间:2016年11月20日.
    2. 所有稿件必须用全英文撰写,按照网站上提供的模板排版后不少于4页,如果超过6页将产生额外的超页费.
    3. 请在截稿日期前将您论文的WORD和PDF两个版本提交至会议邮箱:eem2016_cfp@126.com / eem2016_cfp@163.com
    4. 投稿时,请在邮件主题中标明“投稿+联系电话”,并在邮件正文里留下您的有效联系方式(包含,地址,电话,邮箱等)
    5. 本次会议采取先投稿、先送审、符合条件者先发送录用通知方式进行
    6. 对于在截稿日期临近投稿的作者,由于会务组收到的邮件较多,邮箱可能会出现接收邮件延迟的现象,会务组会在接收到稿件后一天之内回复作者已收到稿件通知并回复文章编号等信息
    7. WORD模板:EEM2016 - Template.docx

 Call for papers MORE++

  • Environmental Science and Engineering
    Environmental Biology and Chemistry
    Atmospheric Environment
    Environmental Engineering
    Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment
    Environmental Remediation Technologies
    Ecological Environment
    Environmental Management
    Environmental Economic and Legal
    Environmental Analytical Methods
    Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
    Solar Energy
    Biomass Energy
    Wind Energy
    Geothermal Energy
    Ocean Energy
    Waste Recycling Energy
    Soil Science
    Plant Protection
    Marine Science
    Earth Science
    Green Chemistry
    Energy Science and Technology
    Environmental and Resource Science and Technology
    Energy Science and Technology
    Energy Science and Technology
    Thermal Engineering
    Thermal and Power Systems
    Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science, Engineering & Technology
    Nuclear Energy Engineering
    New Energies and Materials
    Materials Science
    Metals and Alloy materials
    Energy materials
    Environmental coordination materials
    Biomedical Materials
    Polymer science and technology
    Polymer and composite materials
    Ceramic materials and properties
    Functional materials
    Microelectronic materials
    Materials chemistry
    Synthesis and processing
    Thin film growth process and properties
    Surface treatment
    Construction materials
    Thermal management

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